Monday, April 20, 2009

A garden restaurant: 拉麵丼飯

This modest place perched in an alley just behind Roosevelt Road has both delicious food and a nice environment. The rooftop garden patio might be a bit hot on a midsummer's day, but in the evening it is a nice place to enjoy a good bowl of noodles or rice. We ordered the ramen, or la mian 拉麵,which come in a soup bowl full of goodies: green veggies, an egg, bamboo, bean sprouts, and thin, tender strips of beef or pork. Included in the price of a meal is a cup of tea and a small dish of tasty, cool, pickled vegetables.

The menu only has four items: beef la mian, pork la mian, beef rice, or pork rice. We didn't try the rice dishes, but judging from the quality of the noodles, I wouldn't hesitate to order the rice.
This restaurant probably just opened, as indicated by its special price--everything on its short menu was 100NT. The normal prices are not much higher: 120-150 NT.


The restaurant doesn't seem to have an actual name, as the sign simply says 拉麵丼飯--which is what they serve.

Address: 台北市師大陸92巷46號2樓 2F No. 46 Lane 92, Shida Road, Taipei City

Phone: 02 3633569

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